Butterfly Farm Meditation Session $17

Meditate in a heavenly tropical garden with butterflies fluttering by.
The session is suitable for everyone looking for a peace of mind.
It is a combination of guided sitting meditation and walking meditation.
No previous meditation experience is required.
Come experience the serenity and feel transformed...

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8 Week Online Enlightenment Meditation Course Live via ZOOM starts August 10th

a Transformation Journey through Meditation
Stress Management and Wellness are just the beginning…

Are you ready to tap into the power of your naturally enlightened core?
We hold the potential to live life fearless and fulfilled, regardless of external circumstances.

Through meditation...

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Monthly Membership $52- Join the Weekly and Monthly Meditation Circle via ZOOM

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7 Week Shanti Prenatal Program $95

A calm mind is the foundation for a gentle birth experience.

-meditation for a calm mind
-how to become a birth warrior

Each video is centered around a theme and includes prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing and relaxation techniques along with downloadable supporting...

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