The Butterfly Farm Meditation Session

Come experience the serenity of meditation in a lush tropical garden with butterflies fluttering around. You will feel peaceful and light like a butterfly.
The meditation session is suitable for beginners and inspiring for seasoned meditators.

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Sacred Woman Silent Retreat

Saturday January 22nd - Sunday January 30th
6.30am - 5.30pm - $111

Balancing Feminine Energy Exercises
Yoga & Mindfulness
Wisdom Circle
Silent Practice

includes smoothies, snacks and tea

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Enlightened You - Personal Online Meditation Program

Balance and heal at your own pace.
Learn what meditation is and how to practice it successfully to reap the long lasting benefits. Receive additional balancing tools adjusted to your personal needs. Pay per session and you decide how far you want to advance.

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7 Week Shanti Prenatal Program

This a complete program for prenatal health and child birth preparation. I have been teaching this program for 15 years and I love seeing the mother's enter their birth calm and prepared. Being calm and prepared significantly reduces complications and medical interventions during birth. This facilitates a gentle birth experience and reunion with your baby.


  • prenatal yoga for a strong and flexible body
  • breathing & relaxation exercises for labor
  • birth preparation (pain management & pushing techniques)
  • meditation for a calm mind

You may start with this program as of 18th week of pregnancy.

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